The Mission of AIM Solutions is to use its 30 years of Leadership, Engineering, Government, and Business Expertise to Provide Strategic Solutions that Reduce costs, Enhance efficiency, and Exceed the Expectations of its customers.   



AIM Solutions infuses ingenuity, accountability, and excellence using its diversified expertise from 30 years of federal, commercial, and business success.  

AIM solutions understands the challenges facing our war fighters from a practical, technical, leadership, and business perspective.

Team AIM has provided programmatic support to Senior Executive Leadership that include Generals, Program Managers, and Directors.

The EDWOSB CEO's key experience includes international engineering support of live-fire missile testing on the Kwajalein Atoll (USAKA) Test Facility Base as a resident. Its research in bio-technology keep it on the cutting edge of scientific processes.

Team AIM has lead in the design and development of DOD major weapon systems such as THAAD, EKV, GBR, GBI, and Battle Management. Its team has also supported space shuttle operations for NASA.  

The leadership of team AIM includes Senior Executive Service Leadership Training, business consulting and 30 years of CEO experience. 

AIM Solutions has subject matter expertise as professional teachers, certified teaching professionals, government-trained instructors, industry educators, authors, and consultants. 

The management and consulting expertise provides strategic solutions based on over 30 years of CEO experience. Sandra Brazelton is a graduate of Leadership Huntsville and the Catalyst Center Entrepreneur of the Year. 

AIM Solutions is Results-Focused with strong leadership and technical expertise to solve and manage complex issues in these core areas of expertise:

- Engineering/Information Technology Solutions

- Management & Consulting

- Professional Development, Training, and Education 

- Conference Meeting and Management

- Real Estate Management 

- Logistic Support Services 

You can trust AIM Solutions to understand your goals and objectives and to provide strategic solutions.



Our goal is to leverage our 30 years of experience to provide outstanding service and expertise that reflect emerging industry trends and incorporate best industry practices. 

We analyze our clients’ business processes and systems to create and implement customized strategies that foster a culture of continuous improvement, technical excellence, and measurable performance success.

We incorporate highly talented and self-driven professionals that are focused, responsive, and adaptive to the needs of our clients. 


Positioned for Success

 Located in the progressive, high-tech city, and space capital of the universe in Huntsville, Alabama, AIM Solutions provides 30 years of experience in engineering, information technology,  leadership, business, science, management, consulting, and real estate.